OPTEX, a leading sensor manufacturer, provides a range of quality detection systems based on infra red, microwave, and laser and fibre optic technologies, to help protect any site from intrusion. Using proven technologies, OPTEX delivers multi-layered perimeter protection that secures the immediate surroundings of the perimeter, the actual perimeter line (being a fence, a wall or just a virtual line) and the site area itself.

Laser Technology Detector REDSCAN Series

REDSCAN is Optex’s award-winning area laser sensor that configures a 30m radius detection area. REDSCAN detects target objects by emitting laser beams at the target and measuring the time required for the emitted beams to be reflected and returned to the detector. It can identify the size, speed and distance of moving object and can function in effect like an invisible wall.


The RLS-3060L is a low cost, high performance advanced intrusion device with four adjustable detection zones and linked outputs for PTZ camera control. It brings detection solutions for: fence line, building protection, rooftop, and narrow boundary zone with simpli­fied controls for easy set up.

Key Features

  • 30m radius for 190 degrees range
  • Vertical and horizontal mounting
  • Unique detection algorithm
  • Form C master alarm output
  • Automatic area setting function 4 independently adjustable detection areas and 4 linked outputs for PTZ camera control

Horizontal Detection Zone
Vertical Detection Zone
redscan-vertical detection zone
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Passive Infrared Detector REDWALL-V Series

REDWALL–V series is one of most well respected detectors in the world. These cost effective detectors benefit from intelligent detection and passive infrared technology (PIR). PIR detectors generate an alarm signal when intruders enter into the detection area by judging the temperature difference in the detection area, temperature of the intruder and background temperature in the detection area. REDWALL-V series is specially designed for CCTV systems.


The SIP-3020, SIP-4010, and SIP-404 detectors in the REDWALL-V Series are designed for use in small and mid-sized outdoor areas. They have an intelligent detection system that uses data on the ambient environment, such as temperature and illuminance conditions, to automatically adjust the sensitivity. Detectors in the REDWALL-V Series are ideal for triggering outdoor camera systems where high performance is required.

Key Features

  • Intelligent PIR Detection System
  • Anti-vandalism functions
  • Independent sensitivity selector for near/far areas
  • Detection range selector
  • Adjustable alarm interval time

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Photo Beam Detector REDBEAM/SMARTLINE Series

REDBEAM series is a photo beam detector that consists of a pair of transmitters and receiver units for line protection. The transmitter unit constantly emits photo beams to the receiver unit; REDBEAM series generates an alarm signal when an intruder breaks the perimeter line detection area between transmitter and receiver unit. It can also offer a line detection area similar to a trip wire for video analytics.


Optex offers a less expensive and more efficient solution with SL-350QFR. Typical perimeter systems require expensive trenching or much time for installation. Expensive wire conduit runs and concrete work is unnecessary, allowing installers to save time and money.

Key Features

  • Long distance 100m / 350ft.
  • Wireless ready
  • Weather protection IP65
  • Sniper viewfinder with 2X magnification

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Optex ivision+

The new iVision+ gives you the ability to not only knows when somebody is outside your door, but to view and talk to them from the safety and comfort of any location inside your home or business. The iVision+ wireless intercom package includes a convenient wireless handheld unit with LCD monitor and a wireless doorbell/camera unit with over 330ft. transmission range, line of sight. The iVision+ also integrates with the OPTEX Wireless 2000 (RCTD-20U), allowing the camera on the door unit to open when triggered by the Wireless 2000’s sensor unit.

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