Matrix Access Control


Matrix COSEC is an Enterprise-grade people mobility management solutions for organizations covering time-attendance, employee self service portal, access control, visitor management, cafeteria management, roster management, etc. Matrix COSEC is an all integrated solution including hardware devices, software platform and a suite of software application modules.

Matrix COSEC is a flexible, modular and scalable solution designed for large, medium and small enterprises encompassing up to 1 million users, 65000 entry points scattered across 1000 locations.


Matrix COSEC offers flexibility to interface with any third-party applications at three different levels as shown in the diagram.

cosec solutions overview
cosec deployment
Picture below shows the COSEC deployment in a large enterprise having corporate office, manufacturing plants, branch offices and remote sites located at different geographical locations. COSEC CENTRA server is installed at the corporate office to manage attendance and access control of all employees centrally. COSEC door controllers installed at these locations are connected with COSEC CENTRA using available connectivity (VPN, WAN, LAN, WiFi, 3G/4G/LTE). COSEC door controllers record user attendance and control access using biometric or RF cards and send entry/exit events to COSEC CENTRA PLATFORM in real time.COSEC CENTRA process these events to generate attendance and leave data and sends to payroll/ERP.
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