Openscape Voice.

The success of any business, large or small, depends on the effectiveness of its communications. 
But as today’s SMB teams become more virtual, and employees become more mobile, staying connected to colleagues, customers and partners is becoming a major challenge.
“ It‘s now time to amplify collective effort and dramatically improve performance with a Unified Communications solution from Unify.”
According to recent research by Unify employees are overwhelmed by the vast array of communications options open to them (from phone and email, to fax, instant messaging, and, of course social media).
It’s a cause of frustration, and can have a major impact on team performance, productivity and customer service.
Costs of communications
As communication options proliferate and teams become ever more virtual, travel expenses are on the rise and the cost of keeping employees connected to one another, and to customers, is increasing.
Today’s businesses must maintain effective communications with an increasing number of mobile workers. They must be able to offer their homeworkers the same tools and features they can access in the office, and they must now carry the costs of managing and securing new Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiatives.
Added to this, audio and video conferencing costs are on the rise as remote staff and virtual teams seek to collaborate more efficiently. And, of course, integration of all these devices and technologies into the network is adding greater complexity and more expense.
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